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ipGenerate 3 - Overview

The perfect tool for testing your network's capabilities and identifying bottlenecks.

ipGenerate is a simple, easy-to-use UDP traffic generator. Simply specify frame size, desired throughput and destination, and ipGenerate does the rest. A status bar keeps you informed on the total packets sent, packets per second, and kbps. Optional features include sending either a specific number of packets or sending for a specific time duration. You can even customize the contents of the packets being sent (not available in analysis mode).

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Advanced features include the ability to do end-to-end analysis by locating a second ipGenerate at the remote end of a WAN connection, for example. After the two endpoints synchronize and a test is run, the remote endpoint will report back on statistics such as packet loss, latency and jitter. Custom reports and measurements can be added at no cost*.

To see a demo of ipGenerate, click on Download Evaluation and try it for free.

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