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SimRoute - Features

  • Paths can be defined between networks, or between UDP ports on the same network
  • Support for up to 16 paths on a single PC
  • DIS Filtering
    • PDU Type (Entity State, Fire, Detonation, etc...)
    • Protocol Family (Entity Information, Radio Communications, etc...)
    • Site ID
    • Application ID
    • Entity ID
    • Range (includes custom ranges for different entity types)
      • From a specified entity
      • From a latitude/longitude
    • Enumeration
    • Force ID (Friendly, Neutral, Opposing)
  • DIS Field Modifications
    • Protocol Version
    • Exercise ID
    • Timestamp
    • Transmitter Radio Parameters
  • DIS PDU Bundling
    • Unbundle PDUs
    • All fitering and modifications work on any PDUs within a bundle
  • SIMPLE Filtering
    • Message Type (Link-11, Link-16, etc...)
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