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OpenDecode 1.0 - Overview

Exercise complete control over the data on your network.

For every popular network protocol, there are dozens of others that the mainstream protocol analyzers haven't even heard of. For this reason, there's OpenDecode.

OpenDecode presents a revolutionary new way to build custom protocol decodes without writing a single line of code. Using our easy-to-use text markup language, you can create reusable records, powerful branching logic, customizable output formats and advanced formulas for displaying your data exactly how you want it. We'll even help you get started*.

Capture and analyze your data in real time, or log it to disk in a fully-decoded text format for later analysis. TCP, UDP, or any other IP-based protocols are supported. Can't find what you're looking for? Use our powerful filters to quickly eliminate unwanted traffic.

To see a demo of OpenDecode, click on Download Evaluation and try it for free.

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